Always WARM-UP before doing these drills. Use 2-3 sets of 10 reps at 30 yards. Remember to STRETCH after completing these warm-up drills.

The following exercises are used for speed, agility and vertical jump improvements. They are essential for improvement on the football field. 

1. Squat Jump

Starting Position: Feet parallel shoulder width apart, fingers locked behing head.

Motion: Squat to a parallel position approximately 136 degrees to 110 degrees knee flexion, then move vertically in an explosive rapid movement raising knees parallel to the waist then return to starting position.

1. Squat Jump photos

Squat Jump.


2. Leg Tuck

Starting Position: Feet parallel shoulder width apart, fingers locked behind your head.

Motion: Spring upward using a single foot takeoff, until thighs are parallel with the ground. Next grab both knees with hands and pull toward chest, then return to starting position.

2. Leg Tuck photos

Leg Jump.


3. Split Squats 

Starting Position: One leg in front of the other with a 90-degree angle of flexion at the hip and knee (in a semi-lunge position). Keep back straight. 

Motion: Interchange legs while doing the exercise. Jump approximately 6 inches off the ground while changing stance.

3. Split Squats photos

Split Squats.


4. Lateral Hops 

Starting Position: Feet together.

Motion: Jump laterally (side to side) over an object ranging from 8-20 inches, keeping feet together.

4. Lateral Hops photos

Lateral Hops.


5. Standing Long Jump

Starting Position: Feet together. 

Motion: Bend knees then explode outwardly in front to cover as much distance as possible landing with feet together.

5. Standing Long Jump photos

Standing Long Jump. 


6. Double Leg Hops

Starting Position: Feet together, body erect.

Motion: Jump up and out with double arm action with maximum effort for 3-5 reps.

6. Double Leg Hops photos

Double Leg Hops.

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