70" Shorty Bar

70" Shorty Bar

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Spin and Coating 

- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings

- Hard Chrome on sleeves

- Most rust resistant finish

- Less Maintenance



Handle, Knurl, and Whip 

- 28mm Handle: Men’s Olympic Standard

- Consistent, Well crafted knurl that extends to collar

- Dual Knurling marks: for Olympic lifters or Power-lifters 

- Handle made to fit squat racks

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- 28 mm (olympic standard)

- 190K PSI Tensile Strength

- 15KG or 35LB. +/- 1%

- 49” Handle fits squat racks

- 9.25” loadable sleeve space

- Hard Chrome Coating 

- Dual Snap-Ring Design Construction

- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings.


The Get RXd shorty bar is constructed with the same, 190K PSI Strength Steel, as the WOD Bars. At only 70” long and 35LBs, this Shorty bar is perfect for anyone looking to save space or train junior athletes. The Shorty Bar’s handle is designed to allow for snatch grips and able to be racked with a length of 49”. The 9.25” loadable sleeve space can hold up to 270# with (2) 55# Premium plates and (1) 25# Premium plate per sleeve.