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The Status Series selectorized premium strength line combines a sleek, modern design with world-class components and our dependable, industrial-quality manufacturing to bring you the whole package in every machine. Each machine is built to last in the most demanding commercial environments, with heavy gauge steel oval tubing, Kevlar-reinforced belts, internally lubricated cables with deep-channel pulleys and sealed bearings. Gas-assisted seat adjustments and contoured cushions ensure comfort and ease of use. Independent movement and biomechanically correct design accomodates users of any fitness or experience level, delivering measurable, targeted results in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Gas-assisted seat adjustments allow users to quickly and easily change the height and angle of the seat without having to get off the machine. This ensures proper joint alignment to reduce stress and injury.


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Contoured and molded seat pads provide comfort and ergonomic support for a variety of movements. Marine grade upholstery is tear-resistant and available in a variety of color combinations to complement any gym decor.


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Magnetized weight selector instantly locks into place, providing an easy to use and secure operation. The unique fork style design delivers more stability than selector pin alternatives, while the retracting cord eliminates clutter, keeps the selector within reach and prevents the forks from being lost or misplaced. Precision sound dampeners keep the stack motion as quiet as possible.


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Incremental weight stacks allow users to adjust their resistance level by smaller amounts, helping to increase weight gradually and improve performance. This micro-adjustment feature is ideal for fine tuning weight increases for rehabilitation users.

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